Bio-Composites and More GmbH started its commercial operation in 2002. In the beginning much focus was concentrated on further developing PTP resins, which are based on renewable resources.  Part of those activities were done within the scope of an EU financed project, which was successfully finished in 2004. We then developed a new formulation suitable for SMC/BMC applications together with a world market leader in said business. The patent was awarded in 2008 (EP000002046859B1).  Initially the focus was on fiber glass only.  However, we made it also work with natural fibers as reinforcing fibers. Those R&D activities were financially supported by the Deutsche Stiftung Umwelt (DBU)

In 2007 we teamed up with an industrial partner to further develop and optimize foam systems based on gypsum.  The acoustic properties were improved and processing technology adjusted. The company started production of this new material in 2010 (Patent: EP 000002090621B1)

Just recently we started a new approach towards further improving flame retardancy, while keeping the actual noise adsorption level and also make production process and the product itself more environmentally friendly.

End of 2007 BAM also started a new project with an industrial partner on developing a new binder based on renewable resources as a substitute for a phenolic-formaldehyde resin used for insulation products.